• slide-midevco-groundbreaking

    Dennis Travale & Mr Paisley at Midevco Groundbreaking

  • slideshow-evelope

    Mayor presents cheque to Ron Keating & Bill Duffus - Port Dover Health Center

  • slide-ribbon-cutting

    Dennis Travale cuts the ribbon at the new shopping centre on the Queensway

  • slideshow-library

    Official Opening of Port Dover Library

  • slideshow-we-believe

    The We Believe Organizing Team with Dennis

  • slideshow-winery

    Dave, Dennis & Mike at Burning Kiln Winery

  • slideshow-night-out

    Dennis serves a table at Ladies Night Out in Delhi

  • slideshow-stone

    Dennis at the grand opening of Romancing The Stones jewelry store in Simcoe.

Re-Elect Mayor Dennis Travale

As Norfolk Mayor, I have brought positive change, strong leadership and a business-like focus to our municipality and that has helped Norfolk to grow and become economically stronger.

This approach has taken Norfolk in a new and upbeat direction, while protecting and improving our quality of life, and our essential services.

The ongoing need is for a flexible and diverse economy, to tackle the universal issue of the decline in manufacturing, and the problems faced by farmers, tourism operators and other investors in Norfolk.

I continue to explore ways to provide our youth with more opportunities to learn, work and remain within our community.

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  • Norfolk Supports Dennis Travale

    See what the business and community leaders of Norfolk County are saying about Dennis Travale.

    If you would like to help show your support of Dennis Travale, visit our Make A Difference page.

    Use the navigation below to view what Norfolk to say. For even more testimonials, click the link to View All Dennis' Testimonials.
  • Hector Verhoeve Supports Dennis Travale

    Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale is a strong voice for Norfolk and is a strong leader...I strongly support Dennis in his bid for re-election and encourage everyone to do the same.

  • Roulston's Pharmacy Supports Dennis Travale

    Mayor Travale puts words to action in his message that Norfolk is "Open For Business"...He is a positive leader who is driven to help his constituents succeed. He is, in our opinion, a requirement for future growth within our County.

  • Bill Yu Supports Dennis Travale

    Since Dennis has been Mayor there has been positive growth for the County of Norfolk...I support Dennis Travale Mayor of Norfolk County in his campaign for re-election.

  • John Hunt Supports Dennis Travale

    Norfolk County is a big business, and needs a firm hand to guide us into the future. Mayor Dennis Travale is that hand.

  • Doug Cadman Supports Dennis Travale

    Mayor Travale listens and he always acts on our behalf to do what is best for us all...Let's keep it this way and re-elect Mayor Dennis Travale. He has proven himself to be our best choice.

  • Mike Fredericks Supports Dennis Travale

    Dennis Travale has really impressed me...He says what he is going to do and then he goes and does it...He led us through some of the most difficult economic times in our history and Norfolk prospered on many fronts.


  • Brett Schuyler Supports Dennis Travale

    As a young farmer I have developed optimism for municipal governance thanks to Mayor Dennis Travale...I encourage all young voters to get out and support Dennis this election.


  • Bob Kozak Supports Dennis Travale

    I have been able to assess Dennis Travale's performance over the years on a first hand basis...Leadership starts from the top and I believe he is most suited for the top job.

  • Murray Porteous Supports Dennis Travale

    It has been great to see a Municipal Mayor who understands the importance of agriculture and the impact on the rural economy.

  • Ed Laevens Supports Dennis Travale

    Mayor Travale listens and he acts on our behalf to do what is best for all.

  • R.J. 'Joe' Adam Supports Dennis Travale

    Dennis has never forgotten his roots are here in Delhi and Norfolk County...I will help him however I can to be re-elected Mayor of Norfolk County for the next term.

  • Don Stewart Supports Dennis Travale

    I am pleased to declare my support for Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale as he runs for re-election.

  • Shannon Porter Supports Dennis Travale

    I support Dennis Travale for mayor as I have been impressed with his hard work and dedication to Norfolk County.